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I’m DR. stacey WINTERS

Author of Under The Sleeve

Find Help for Your Child Who is Cutting

Personal Consultations

If you feel that there is no one to help you understand why or how to treat your child who is suffering, I can help. I understand and have helped many parents and children to successfully navigate the difficult path of getting help for your child.

Coaching & Help

As well as being a successful pediatrician I have personal experience of how cutting can affect children. Wait no longer to find the help that your child deserves and the relief that you desperately need

Get The Help Your Child Deserves

Discover an Effective, Compassionate Path to
Help Your Child

You find cuts on your child’s inner arm and have no idea how it could’ve happened. You try to find help from your doctor, friends, family, and school counselor, only to be met with pity. It seems as if there is no one to help you understand why or how to treat your child who is suffering.

Understand why visits to your primary care provider do not help

Develop insight into the reasons why your child is cutting

Discover the role anxiety and depression can play in cutting and learn methods to help your child cope

Learn why children in pain often can’t talk to their parents

Become familiar with the different treatments and understand why it takes a tribe

About Dr. Winters

Dr. Stacey Winters is a board-certified pediatrician who started her work with children over 20 years ago. She has fought the battle to attain appropriate pediatric mental health care as both a doctor and a mom. Her desire is to reach as many kids and families as possible to provide direction through education in the hopes to decrease pain and lend a hand for children with any type of mental illness to find success and happiness. She has treated hundreds of children and supported their families both in the clinic and hospital setting.

Varied experiences, exposure, success, and struggles have given her a unique perspective and the ability to perceive beyond appearances. She lives in Oregon with her beautiful daughter and the lovingly titled “animal herd.” She loves reading, cooking, exploring, and learning

What Parents Say About My Work

“Living with a bipolar daughter has been challenging yet rewarding at times. I just adore you and your inspiration with this book.” – Breanna

“Stacey your book was amazing and beyond insightful for so many reasons.” – Debbie

“The book is great and I love your approach with parents. It offers hope and a way for them to be proactive. I am so awed with your dedication and desire to make a difference in the lives of children and families especially since our system is so lacking in support.” – Judy

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the Help They Deserve.